Used 1067mm Wide x 600mm (D)

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Brand: Manta Mesh


Colour: Silver



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600mm Deep Mesh Deck and Wire Mesh Decks allows for storage of odd sized pallets and suits all standard racking types, sizes, and configurations. Wire Mesh does not allow dirt or dust build up and improves visibility and access for operators. They provides better fire safety and meet stringent insurance requirements. It can eliminate double handling. It is ideal for all storage including cool rooms and freezers. Wire mesh decks allow you to store skids, pallets or small parts in any location. Light, medium and heavy duty decks available. Custom configurations available on request.


Our Mesh Decks are 60cm Deep, and are great for putting onto Long Span Shelving. 1000’s in Stock. 600mm Deep Mesh Deck simply slip onto the beams and are retained by the waterfall edge of the mesh decks.


We Have Shelving to fit these Mesh Decks

We also Have New Mesh Decks for Standard Pallet Racking.




Safe Edge

Safety edge is available on all mesh decks, Improving OH&S by eliminating sharp edges of wire mesh decks.



Product Specifications


For use with an 600mm Deep Frame.

Each Mesh Deck 1067mm Wide Holds 200kg UDL.

100mm x 50mm Grid Section.


Pack Includes


1 Mesh Deck 1067mm wide x 600mm deep.

Weight 10.86 kg
Dimensions 125 × 120 × 4 cm