Used Mesh Decks

Used Manta Mesh –  We often stock Used Mesh Decks when they become available. However, they have become increasingly difficult to find second hand. As Used Mesh decks are usually galvanized, they are often in Excellent condition and look like New Decks. While they are in very good condition they are used, and may have signs of their previous lift, such as slight bends in the wire or scuff marks.


Used mesh have been used in Pallet Racking Bays so goods can be stacked by hand on Odd pallets can be Placed in Pallet Racking safely. We have manta mesh and other used Decks available. Used MantaMesh Decks also allow for storage of odd size pallets on standard Pallet Racking, such as Euro Pallets and other custom designed Pallets. Pallets can be unloaded straight from a shipping container and placed straight into the Racking saving labor re-stacking goods onto standard Australian Pallets.


Mesh Decks create extra storage space in Pallet Racking Bays, but have the added feature of increasing light through out the Pallet Racking System. We are able to Make Decks for Stepped beams, which are Flush with the top of the Pallet Racking beam, and are also used for Long Span Shelving.


We also make New Mesh Decks for Archive Storage, where the wire is spaced closer together so that Archive boxes sit comfortably over wire. Our Used Decks are Top Quality. Used Manta mesh has a Waterfall Side, and a Safety Edge to prevent Scratches when removing products from the shelves. We Offer Bulk Discounts for 50 Decks or More.